TFP Universal, a.s.
K Juliáně 150
164 00 Praha 6 - Přední Kopanina

Na Spojce 116
251 01 Čestlice
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The company TFP universal a.s. (joint stock company) was founded in 2002 as a company for extending certain specific business activities which had previously been managed in our market since 1996 within a limited scope by the company CNI Tisk servis s.r.o. (CNI Print service Ltd.)

The aim of founding the new company TFP universal a.s. is to distribute and
service top quality products from world leading manufacturers available to companies operating in the Czech and Slovakian markets, with the possibility of use in various branches of industry. We are ready to meet customer requirements in a flexible and responsive manner, with the help of high quality equipment for die-cutting, slitting-rewinding and finishing. We offer our core products:

  • Hot stamping foils
  • Lamination foils
  • Laminated products
  • Thermal-transfer ribbons / TTR
  • Gerber Edge foils
  • Termal transfer printers
  • Barcode scanners and technology
  • Textile ribbons
  • Double-sided adhesive tapes / OLP
  • Die-cutted parts/shapes from double sided adhesive tapes /OLP
  • UV technology
  • Non-wovens tissues / hygienic consumables
  • Specialities
  • TAGIT- EAS systems


It is our endeavour to provide an individual and flexible approach in resolving specific requirements and a selection of suitable products, as well as their adjustment and adaptation to specific conditions for successful application within the businesses of individual customers. This company philosophy is supported by the direct co-operation of our experts with foreign manufacturers. Our technological and testing knowledge is available for finding technical and economy solutions to the requirements of our clients. In this manner it is possible to provide specific, "exact fit " solutions for even the most demanding customers. In addition to sale and servicing of consumables, we offer guarantee and post-guarantee service of sold machinery and equipment, we provide comprehensive training for our staff.

In order to increase professional knowledge and to provide contact with new technologies and products, we regularly participate, together with our most important clients, in educational events at the premises of foreign contractors and present ourselves at domestic and international exhibitions and trade fairs.