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TFP Universal, a.s.
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Hot Stamping Foils

Hot stamping foils for printing on paper,films,leather, textile, ruber, plastics, wood,glass and others

Lamination Foils

Foils for paper or cardboard lamination

Double sided tapes

Printing and advertising industry, machinery industry, car industry, electronic industry, wood, furniture industry. engineering, construction industry, plastic industry, paper industry

Thermal transfer ribbons

TFP universal, a.s is a convertor – slitting house of TTR, which provides to offers a complete line of thermal transfer ribbons to meet all variable printing needs.


Special labels, Tags, cleaning programm

Thermal transfer printers

Bar code printing improves data management and accessibility, reduces costs and increases productivity for millions of companies globally. Bar coding uses different combinations of bars and spaces to encode data into bar codes that are printed on a label or card. This easy-to-implement technology allows companies to utilize bar codes for unlimited identification and tracking applications.

Barcode scanners

Devices for barcode reading, there are lots of types for lots of industries

Mobile Computers

Devices for data collection, barcode reading using own operation system, barcode reader, display, memory, keyboard to use it anytime and anywhere.

WiFi wireless network

Products for construct wireless network infrastructeres used for mobile computers and all other mobile devices.


Software products for label printing, data colection using mobile computers, and other costumer specifically software.

Special products

Customer aplications, rewinders, unwinders, peeler machines, cutters, counters, DPM (direct part marking) readers and automatic reading or labeling machines.


Warranty and after -warranty service of machines and equipment, seminars, instructions, consultancy both at customer-site and in our plant, product-identification consultancy etc.

Industry Towels

Cleaning programm for all industry. We offer paper towel, Sontara textil towel and all other equipment for cleaning.

UV technology

Drying of inks, paints, varnishes, hardening of glue and plastics, desinfection, quality checking- fluorescence, simulation of sunlight

Tagit - EAS systems

TAGIT develops, produces and markets worldwide innovative EAS electromagnetic systems, labels and accessories providing its clients with one-stop EAS solutions.